Author: Anon

Diana, by Gillian Booth

While living in the USA in the seventies I discovered an old art form which consisted of painting on shelf fungi (ganoderma applanatum, which grow to a very large size in the forests of the Eastern US). The oldest example I saw...

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Earth Air Water Fire – by Sophia Breillat

This issue's cover image is by Sophia Breillat, a writer, artist and astrologer. Named Earth Air Water Fire the painting is from Sophia's "Glimpses of Nature" gallery, in which she writes about this image: Earth giving...

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Brighid Walks the Land

Issue 10, Spring 2009 Brighid Walks the Land - by Helena Nelson-Reed Helena Nelson-Reed has long been fascinated by myth, fairy tales, legends, and mysticism as well as history, cultures, and spiritual paths different from her...

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