At the mercy of the moon

by Michele Darnell-Roberts

At the mercy of the moon

Each month
she waxes and wanes
and my moods change,

flickering like shadows
over a great wide sea,
moments of torment
rising up from the deep.

Being a woman,
having this curse,
this gift for life,
- and subsequent pain

which brushes like flotsam
against your bewildered shore.

But look closely,
my love,
there is treasure to be found
and it is yours for the taking
if you so desire.

©Michele Darnell-Roberts

Michele Darnell-Roberts

Michele Darnell-Roberts has been writing poems (and stories) since she was a young teenager as a therapeutic way of understanding her feelings.  She loves imagery and symbolism and enjoys the discipline of trying to say what she feels in a concise and interesting way. Michele works as a mental health nurse for the elderly mentally ill, an experience which has led her to realise the importance of communciating one's feelings, and, as it were, "not being afraid to cry!.She is also involved in Dances of Universal Peace in which our world's spiritual traditions are danced and sung (mostly in circles) to promote both inner peace and peace in the wider community. There are some beautiful, and powerful, celtic and goddess dances!
Michele Darnell-Roberts

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