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Summer Solstice

by Roz Bound

deckchairsSpring falls into summer on a bluebell memory
like veils drift beyond a bride, or stars
born from fireworks spill from the sky,
and babies slither into waiting hands,
gulp air, remembering watery journeys.

Other Mother

by Rachael Clyne

CosmosShe’s the matrix
the Creatrix
the Dark Mater
who swallows
whole galaxies
nudges nebulae drift.

Call of the Goddess

by Lynne Sedgmore

BlackbirdIn the violet rays from the darkened moon
She dissipates blackness, birthing first light -
returning day to it's fecund glory,
shimmering in the slivering of night.

Hear Her call

Water Goddess

by Lynne Sedgmore

waterfallWhere the water runs wild
my heart breaks free -
horizons expanding
to Her from me.

The Peach Blossoms and the Temple Maidens

by Annelinde Metzner

Peach blossom“It is 2016,” say the rows of peaches,
all in bloom, orangey-pink, on this Spring morning.
“We billow out our petals, our sweet fragrance,
and later, our piquant, sweet-and-sour fruit,
to delight the heart and bite the tongue.
We are so wet and soft,
we will run rivulets down your chin.”

The temple maidens of Crete gaze lovingly and knowingly
upon the rows.

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