She Changes Everything She Touches

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Lydia Ruyle, 1935-2016

Lydia Ruyle. Photo: Ann Cook

Welcome! In this issue we have the second part of Jill Smith’s adventures with the Amazon Woman of Kilda and, also from Scotland, Stuart McHardy—a very welcome new contributor—writes about the Nine Maidens so often associated with the Goddess. Susan Weed is back with the second part of her “Healing Sweets” training, and for something new we have an interview with the three wonderful women responsible for setting up a way to marry legally in the Glastonbury Goddess Temple.

Another of Carolyn Boyd’s thought-provoking short stories is also included, and lots of poetry, from Susa Silvermarie, Annelinde Metzner , Maria Duncalf-Barber and Penn Kemp and welcome newcomers Lorraine Pickles and Lynne Sedgmore. 

I need to say a sad goodbye to Lydia Ruyle, who died at the age of 80 last March.  The Glastonbury Goddess Conference wouldn’t be the same without Lydia’s colourful Goddess banners (her “girls”), flying high both in the hall and carried in the wonderful Sunday Goddess Procession. Lydia was also kind enough to send an article about her banners to this unknown editor as she nervously compiled the very first issue of Goddess Pages, and was always ready to help and encourage people in their Goddess work.  I know I will miss her ready smile and lovely presence.  I can’t say it better than Judith Laura—you can read more about Lydia at Judith’s Medusa Coils blog.

Finally—I recently realised that Goddess Pages will be ten years old in November 2016.  I can hardly believe it!  Now planning to celebrate in the next issue, which will be due out in March 2017.  Let’s have a bumper issue with lots of everything!  I’d especially like anyone who wrote for that first issue to come back with another contribution, but all is welcome and will be read and replied to as quickly as I’m able.  Among many suggestions from readers so far are a compilation of your thoughts on our ten years, and wishes for the next decade—so please do send them in!  If you’re not a writer, then artwork or a photograph would be very welcome, too, of course.  Perhaps it would be good to have material on the Goddess movement itself—has it come a long way in ten years, and where would you like it to be in another ten?  Any other ideas gratefully received.

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With blessings,

Geraldine Charles