Other Mother

by Rachael Clyne

CosmosShe’s the matrix
the Creatrix
the Dark Mater
who swallows
whole galaxies
nudges nebulae drift.

She’s the best
the breast
the good, bad, critical,
interfering other
patiently folding
our fresh laundered world.

From her body - all of us
inexorably return
to the final spin cycle
of her dark flow,
re-fabricated, redistributed
destiny unknown.

Rachael Clyne

Rachael Clyne is a Glastonbury-based psychotherapist, Goddess artist, writer and poet. Her self-help book, "Breaking the Spell - the Key to Recovering Self-esteem" (PSAvalon 2005) is available in Kindle and paperback.  Her poetry has been published in magazines and anthologies and she has a collection, "She Who Walks with Stones and Sings" (PSAvalon 2006).  Both books can be bought via Amazon, or from her website: www.rachaelclyne.com/, as can her powerful Goddess artwork.  Her articles and poems appear on her public Facebook Page.

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