by Dora Wright

MadonnaThey told me
I was the chosen one
Soon I would be blessed
I was to be a Mother
to the Son of God no less
Greatness was going to be thrust upon me
But I knew,
I knew from now on
life would never be the same
would want a part of me
would think
that I was doing this for them
But what about me?
Do I not count?
Am I only here to fulfill a need?
Couldn't someone else have done this?
I wasn't even asked if I wanted to do this thing
Oh yes, I was hand picked
I will be well recompensed
I will become a Goddess
I'll be revered for eternity
bowed down to
prayed to
but if I'd had the choice
Would I have chosen


Dora Wright

Dora Wright

My name is Dora Wright, I am sixty four years old, have now been with my partner Jim for 16 years.
I have only recently taken up writing poetry and find it so theraputic getting all my thoughts and feelings down on paper. I have taken to it like a duck to water and enjoy writing different types of poems. I have also written two short children's stories and have gotten a lot of pleasure from that.
I live near Loch Lomond, which is a place of ever changing beauty, from the loch itself to the surrounding hills and glens, not forgetting Ben Lomond, which I can see from my bedroom window every morning.
I am an avid reader and get through at least 6-10 books a week..  I also do oil paintings and have sold quite a few. But since joining The Pen & Ink writing group the year, I'm afraid I have rather put that to one side to concentrate on the poetry.I hope to keep going with the writing and perhaps get some more things published.
I have only recently started reading about the Goddess culture and am finding it a really interesting subject, one that I think a lot of women can relate to.  I think as women we should be kinder to one another and try to get more in touch with ourselves and everything about us.  We live in a beautful world, but how many people actually stand and appreciate the beauty they see on a day to day basis? not enough I would say...lets try and and become more at one with the earth and beauty around us, let it seep in to our souls and energise our beings.
Dora Wright

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