Eating a Peach at Fawn Lake

by Susa Silvermarie

peachThe lake in early morning,
a wavy plate reflecting
an evergreen shoreline.
At its edge, I let
the juice of a peach
make joy in my mouth
and drip from my fingers
into the body of water.
Then I enter,
my own body feeling her silk,
as I glide quiet to the middle.
Timeless now,
I float in the lake’s sparkling arms
under azure sky.

After forever
I emerge from the water,
a different person,
into birdsong, duck calls,
and the whirr of a zebra dragonfly
lifting from my shoulder.
Glad to be only the human,
the only human here,
I sit and send this peace
around our tiny planet.
May this buoyancy lift
the lives of those whose burdens
I heard in the car on the radio news.

From this gentle place,
serenity I send to the teachers
behind the barricades in Oaxaca;
into the anguished hearts of shooters;
into the breath of soldiers,
into the sobs of mothers
who could not feed their children today.
From the accord of this pristine lake
I send dragonfly blessings
and the sweetness of peaches
to those I love
and to those I fear.
May this tranquil lake remind us,
it’s time to wake from terror,
and claim our true harmonic
human nature.

©Susa Silvermarie 2016